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Urban Design

JBA is a different sort of design practice. Our projects often begin by generating ideas and approaches to how we can reimagine a site, a town or a space and develop a pathway to bring these ideas to life. We are often asked: What would you do on this site with its many possibilities?

We begin by involving our client in a workshop to identify visionary goals for needs we have defined, and we continue their involvement as we articulate and evaluate scenarios for buildings, landscape, infrastructure and urban activity aligned with a comparative land governance or planning policy.

Our goal is to shorten the distance between the beginning and end of a project. Engaging with JBA’s planning, economics and communications professionals, our designs involve the professions that are essential to complex urban projects. JBA is a trusted advisor on progressive urbanism, with impact upon the future of cities and centres in Australia.

We produce the foundations of an inclusive urbanism from a collaborative and multi-disciplinary process of discovery. Our advice leads our clients to build projects to fit their context with a resonant aptness.


  • Masterplans
  • Site Plans
  • Site Feasibility tests
  • Design Strategies
  • Design Guidelines
  • Development Control Plans
  • SEPP-65 analysis
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Design Competition and Design Juries
  • View and Visual Impact Assessments

Contact Person

Chris Procter

Chris Procter


Chris is a strategic and creative director of architecture and urban revitalisation, with over 20 years’ experience on four continents.