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Our communications and stakeholder engagement services are focused on developing strategies to inform and engage stakeholders in a development process. The JBA team brings together skillsets in communications, planning, architecture, journalism, marketing and visualisations. 


  • We design and facilitate effective consultation processes that give stakeholders and the community meaningful opportunities to engage and have their opinions heard.
  • We harness feedback from  consultation activities to inform proposed developments and enable the community to contribute to positive planning outcomes.
  • We create bespoke communication materials to successfully position projects in identified target markets.
  • Our media relations experts provide a holistic approach to communications and management of corporate identities for our clients.
  • We have a unique combination of experience at the coal-face of planning policy in action and insights gained from many years working in the property industry.
  • We work with both government organisations and the private sector, and can integrate with and support internal communications teams when required.
  • We use web platforms and social media to inform, educate and interact with a wide range of audiences. 


JBA offers the following communications and community engagement services.

  • Custom-designed consultation programs to meet your goals, which may include effective stakeholder engagement, building relationships or mitigating risks. Our focus is to manage concerns before they become a public issue. We employ a range of communication tactics to ensure all voices are heard. For example, we combine face-to-face engagement such as community information sessions and stakeholder briefings with online engagement methods such as websites, social media platforms and web discussion forums. 
  • We provide the full suite of strategic communications to increase community and stakeholder understanding of a project and the benefits it will provide. 
  • We create and design targeted communication materials such as brochures, Q&A documents, websites, project websites, media releases, presentations, newsletters, postcards and more. 
  • Our experienced professionals provide issues management and strategic advice for high profile or potentially controversial projects. Through analysis of the political landscape and media coverage we monitor potential reputational or project risks and provide advice to effectively manage them.
  • We provide community engagement services for all size projects, giving the community a single point of contact for enquires and project information. 

Contact Person

Ross Hornsey

Ross Hornsey

BA (Hons)
Director - Communications

Ross brings 13 years’ experience in the delivery of major projects in multiple sectors including public transport, roads, housing, retail, commerci

Krista Murphy

Krista Murphy

BComm(Public Relations)
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Krista, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at JBA has nine years’ of experience managing integrated communications across the public and priva

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