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Willoughby City Council Willoughby Planning Strategy 2016-2036- Plans & Policies- 3 July

At its meeting on 26 June 2017, Willoughby Council considered a report on the Willoughby Planning Strategy 2016-2036. The Strategy includes three Position Statements which mark the Council’s first consultation stage to determine the strategic planning directions for the next 20 years.


The Housing Statement establishes principles and options for the provision of housing within the Willoughby LGA over the next 20 years.  It proposes re-investigating areas already zoned R3 and R4 under Willoughby Local Environmental Plan 2012 (WLEP), before rezoning lower density areas in Willoughby. Existing R3 and R4 areas proposed for investigation include:


  • Penshurst Street/Victoria Avenue, Chatswood;

  • Artarmon Station;

  • Willoughby – Penshurst Street shops between Laurel Street and Mowbray Road;

  • Willoughby - Willoughby Road Shops between Mowbray Road and Artarmon Road;

  • Northbridge Town Centre;

  • St Leonards/Naremburn;

  • Castlecrag; and

  • Chatswood Edge, west of the Pacific Highway (a separate study is being carried out for the Chatswood CBD.


Local Centres

The Local Centres Position Statement recognises Chatswood and St Leonards as important Strategic Centres, with a focus on commercial and higher density residential opportunities in the coming years. The Statement also recognises the importance of the revitalisation of smaller local centres to provide jobs and housing. Seven local centres will be examined, including:


  • Artarmon – Hampden Road Shops (west of railway line)

  • Artarmon - Wilkes Avenue and Elizabeth Street (east of railway line – Wilkes Plaza)

  • Northbridge – Sailors Bay Road, Strathallen Avenue and Eastern Valley Way

  • East Chatswood, Victoria Avenue/Penshurst Street

  • North Willoughby, Penshurst Street and Intersection of Mowbray Road/Willoughby Road

  • Willoughby – High Street

  • Castlecrag – Edinburgh Road and Eastern Valley Way

  • Naremburn – Willoughby Road


Industrial Lands

The Industrial Lands Position Statement recognises the importance and scarcity of industrial zoned land for future growth. The Position Statement examines background issues and opportunities and constraints affecting each of the three industrial areas:

  • Artarmon;

  • East Chatswood; and

  • Epping Road, Lane Cove.

Feedback from each Position Statement will inform the preparation of draft strategies on Housing, Local Centres and Industrial Lands.