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City of Parramatta- Draft City of Parramatta Amended Planning Agreement Policy- Plans & Policies- 14 June

The City of Parramatta Council considered a report regarding the draft City of Parramatta Amended Planning Agreement Policy at its meeting on 13 June 2017.

The draft Policy will apply to the entire Local Government Area (LGA) and will include a number of changes to the current Planning Agreement Policy. The recommended Policy amendments are as follows:

  • introduce a value sharing approach for both CBD and non-CBD locations;

  • inclusion of draft standard templates for the Letter of Offer, Planning Agreement and Explanatory Note;

  • clarification of the relationship between the City of Parramatta Council’s VPA Policy and Council’s corporate strategic documents and development contributions plans;

  • clarification of the public benefit that will be considered under the planning agreement;

  • specification of the methodology to value public benefits and land value uplift, including relationships to conditions of development consent;

  • confirmation that planning agreements will be in addition to s94 or s94A development contributions (except where the planning agreement is sought to provide material public benefit in lieu of payment of development contributions)

  • detail criteria controlling when Council will consider a planning agreement in lieu of payment of development contributions required by an existing development consent;

  • clarification of the steps in the process;

  • preparation of clauses within planning agreements;

  • insertion of a clause in relation to public access to planning agreements.

The Council Report of 13 June 2017 seeks Council endorsement to publicly exhibit the draft Policy and to resolve an interim position on the value of planning agreements in the short term.

JBA will update you on any further advancements.