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The City of Parramatta Council Epping Planning Review Discussion Paper- Plans & Policies- 3 July

Following the council amalgamations, the Epping Town Centre is now located entirely within the City of Paramatta Local Government Area. The Council’s Review presents an opportunity for Council to take a holistic approach to the future planning of the town centre and understand the resultant infrastructure requirements.


Council is seeking community feedback on the following matters: 

  • options for residential development adjacent to Heritage Conservation Areas;

  • down-zoning Rockleigh Park from R4 High Density to R3 Medium Density;

  • rezoning the Rose Street Precinct from R2 Low Density Residential to R3 Medium Density;

  • establish Epping as a Sub District Town Centre with a target of 13,000m2 of retail and 56,000m2 of office floor space by 2036;

  • ensure any development in Epping makes a contribution to the retail and office targets in the centre;

  • expand existing parks in and around Epping;

  • provide a civic space integrated with other community facilities and services in the town centre;

  • provide a connected town centre with through site links; and

  • provide a commuter car parking station near the Epping Station.

Stage 2 of the review will commence in 2018 and will rely on the principles determined in Stage 1. Stage 2 will involve the preparation of a new LEP, DCP, development contributions plan and public domain plan.

The Epping Planning Review and Discussion Paper will be on exhibition until 19 July 2017.