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Canterbury Bankstown- Hurlstone Park Heritage Assessment Study- 14 June

Following Gateway determination, Canterbury Bankstown Council is exhibiting a Planning Proposal to implement the Hurlstone Park Heritage Assessment Study.

The Planning Proposal seeks to amend Canterbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 as follows:


  • listing 29 properties as local heritage items in Hurlstone Park;

  • listing 7 Heritage Conservation Areas (HCAs) in Hurlstone Park;

  • rezoning R4 High Density Residential and R3 Medium Density Residential zoned land in the HCAs to R2 Low Density Residential; and

  • reducing the maximum building height in the B2 Local Centre zone in the HCAs from 14m to 11m.

Figure 1: Proposed heritage items and HCAs in Hurlstone Park

Source: Canterbury Bankstown Council

The draft amendments to the Canterbury DCP 2012 apply to Chapter B8 which will provide more detailed design controls for heritage items and HCAs in Hurlstone Park. Section B8.4 containing controls for Ashbury Heritage Conservation Area are not proposed to be amended.

The proposal will be on exhibition until 7 July 2017.