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Putney Hill: Creating a community

Since 2009 JBA has supported Frasers Property Australia in creating a new vibrant community at Putney Hill. The final stage of development, Absolute, will deliver 22 new luxurious homes and mark the completion of the transformative project.

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The final piece of the Putney Hill puzzle has fallen into place with the approval of Absolute, the last stage of development of the 12-hectare master planned estate. For over eight years, JBA has assisted Frasers Property Australia in gaining approvals to deliver 791 dwellings and significant new open space. The final stage, Absolute, is a limited collection of 22 luxurious homes, with generous backyards and entertaining spaces unrivalled in the locality.

The transformation of Putney Hill has seen the site developed from a disused and surplus hospital, to 668 apartments, 123 houses, 3 km of running tracks, substantial new parkland, new fitness hubs, playgrounds and a range of new streets, footpaths and landscaping. 

Putney Hill has progressed through a unique planning pathway, as it was the first site governed by a Concept Plan Approval granted under Part 3A. Considering the angst around Part 3A, Putney Hill is an excellent example of the benefits of this process and the great outcomes which have now been achieved. The original Concept Plan was modified on two occasions following the purchase of the site by Frasers Property Australia, introduction of new architects and evolving market forces. These modifications demonstrate the adaptability of the planning system, which has responded to changing demands of the open market on a significant long-term project. Within the context of the proposed amendments to the planning legislation, this project illustrates the importance of a flexible and market responsive planning system in NSW.

Throughout the various stages of the project, JBA has been privileged to work with an expert team, including exceptional designers COX Architecture and Environmental Partnership landscape architects. Putney Hill encapsulates a blending of architecture and landscape design, reflected in the quality of buildings and the successful establishment of a thriving community. The dedication and hard work of Frasers Property Australia has been matched by the representatives of City of Ryde Council who have worked tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes are achieved and a new standard of residential development is set for the local area. The project has been a true collaboration of various stakeholders who have worked together to create a shared vision.

JBA and Frasers Property Australia have a long-standing relationship and we have had the honour of assisting Frasers Property Australia on many award-winning developments. As Putney Hill nears final completion over the coming year, we are proud to be part of the team who has created a new community and quality new homes for so many people.